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Welcome to Rangiora Bridge Club

Welcome to our comfortable, relaxing club rooms. Come for the company, stay for the bridge.

Check out our session times and Programmes.

Rangiora Bridge Club was founded in 1967 and has always had a robust and dedicated membership.

With players of all levels there is always a good game and good partners at the club.

Helping people into the game has always been an area that the club has concentrated on with active tuition and training.

Its all about bridge, good company, bridge, good conversation and bridge!


LESSONS will start on Monday night 15 April at 7pm.  If interested please register your interest via this website and you will be contacted.


Rules of Entry and Play

1. Wearing of face masks is optional.  However, players are encouraged to wear masks to protect the welfare of themselves and others in the bridge room.

2. A committee member has the right to preclude entry if they consider the player is a risk to others.  The player will have no right to contest the decision of the committee member.

3. If a player has contracted covid, been a close contact, has a cold, has the flu or is unwell, they should stay home.

31 Good Street
Tel 03 313 7941.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Leave a message on the answerphone otherwise send us an email.
Members of the NZBridge

Notice Board

DRESS CODE - A tidy attire including footwear is expected.

PARTNER - Please check on your partner as the director is not in a position to play unless in an emergency.

LIBRARY - Do not forget we have a very good library for members.  Check it out.

PARKING - Please leave the 12 carparks including handicap parks outside the bridge club north of the pathway for members with handicap rights and those who are unable to walk far.   

The Bowling Club is allowing us to use their Good Street car park and we ask that all members respect this privilege.  If you use this car park please put a 'bridge player' notice in your window. No parking is permitted along the front of their building. Should any issues arise pleasse direct any concerns to the committee.  Do not take matters into your own hands.  No parking in their car park on Saturdays September to March.